METSÄNNEITO  -Midsummer week

The name Metsänneito comes from the old finnish religion.


“Metsänneito, Lady of the Forest, is a mythological finnish creature, that appears to men who wander and spend nights in the forest. She might come dancing at the fireplace or walk to you at the trail. Also known as the Virgin of the Forests, she is a beautiful maiden from front, with her veil and long flowing hair, but from behind, she is nothing more than a hollow tree.”


  • Weekend:                                     190€ / 210€*
  • Week:                                            350€ / 410€*
  • 4 nights Mon-Fri / Sun-Thu:    250€ / 350€*
  • Midsummer week Mon-Sun: 533€

*Summer season weeks 23-35
*Winter season weeks 52-2

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Experience the traditional cottage without electricity or running water!

The cabin is secluded, deep in the pocket of the bay Ruukiton. The building is further away from the other cabins, so the spot is very calm and quiet.

In the cabin there is one bedroom, with two beds of one. In the living room there is a convertible sofa. The kitchen and the dining area are both with the living room. You can get to sauna through the terrace. The sauna offers gentle and pleasent bathing temperature, and the water is heated in the cauldron that is with the sauna stove.

At the terrace there is a fireplace to prepare the food and enjoy the glow of the flames. There are stairs leading down to the beach and the secluded bay has a sand bottom. The opposite side of the lake is a preserved forest area.

- For two persons + two extra beds
- 45 square metres
- Gas equipment in kitchen
- No electricity or running water
- Pets are allowed


- No runnin water or electricity
- Stove
- Outdoor toilet
- Sauna
- Refrigerator, cooker (gas)
- Equipment for food preparation and serving
- Grill, dining table
- Own dock and a rowboat
- Blankets and pillows for four