The name Hiidenhirvi comes from the old finnish religion. 

“Hiiden Hirvi, or Goblin’s Moose, is difficult to catch, strong and proud king of the forest. It is believed that the more mooses the hunters bring down during the winter, the more early the summer will arrive.”


  • Night (sun-thu)                             93€
  • Weekend, fri-sun:                       265€
  • Week, 6 nights:                           500€
  • Midsummerweek 25                   650€
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Roomy log cabin in a secluded spot at it’s own bay

The cabin is located a bit futher away from the other cabins in Papinlahti, where there are no other buildings. At the front of the cabin opens up a lush green grass and own sand beach. A bit further away from the cabin there is a small grill canopy, where you can easily prepare and cook delicious food!

The indoors of the cabin are made by the main room and sauna.
In the main room there is a bunk bed made from log, convertible sofa and a kitchen with dining table.
The large fireplace in the mainroom reserves heat well, warming and giving ambiance to the whole room.

Hiidenhirvi is a roomy cabin for a real adventurer and to one with real spirit of the forest!

- For four persons
- 40 square metres
- Gas equipment in kitchen
- No electricity or running water
- Pets are allowed


- No running water of electricity
- Fireplace
- Outdoor toilet
- Sauna
- Refrigerator, stove (gas)
- Equipment for food preparation and serving
- Grill canopy
- Own rowboat
- Blankets and pillows for four

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