HIIDENHIRVI – Midsummer week

The name Hiidenhirvi comes from the old finnish religion.


“Hiiden Hirvi, or Goblin’s Moose, is difficult to catch, strong and proud king of the forest. It is believed that the more mooses the hunters bring down during the winter, the more early the summer will arrive.”


  • Weekend:                                190€ / 210*
  • Week 6 night:                         350€ / 410*
  • 4 nights mon-fri / sun-thu: 250€ / 350€*
  • Midsummer week Mon-Sun: 533€

*Summer season weeks 23-35
*Winter season weeks 52-2

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Vuorenpeikko is a cottage for a real adventurer and someone with spirit of wilderness

This small log cabin used to be an old smoke sauna, that has a small stove installed to it that heats rapibly. The walls of the cabin are dark in color and it has the familiar scent of smoke often associated with the smoke saunas.

There is a bunkbed, several seatings, stove and a small closet for storing. The building next to the main building houses a small summer kitchen with space to store food and equipment. At the yard there is a grill with a dining table.

The yard is flat pine isthmus. You can get to swimming either down the rocks or from the shallow sand beach. The opposite side of the lake shore is forest preservation area.

- For four persons
- 25 square metres
- Electric lighting
- Summer kitchen
- No running water
- Pets are allowed


- No running water
- Stove
- Outdoor toilet
- Sauna
- Refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, coffee maker
- Equipment for food preparation and serving
- Grill, dining table
- Own dock and a rowboat
- Blankets and pillows for four