Weekend fri-sun / Week 6nights / Night sun-thu

Vellamo: 455€ / 900€ / 157€
Mielikki: 435€ / 827€ / 152€
Louhi: 425€ / 765€ / 146€
Tapio: 415€ / 720€ / 139€
Hiidenhirvi: 265€ / 500€ / 93€
Metsänneito: 265€ / 500€ / 93€
Vuorenpeikko: 235€ / 445€ / 87€

Midsummerweek is possible to book (only) for the whole week mon-sun
Vellamo: 1170€
Mielikki: 1075€
Louhi: 995€
Tapio: 936€
Metsänneito: 650€
Hiidenhirvi: 650€
Vuorenpeikko: 580€

You can make a reservation at our website, with e-mail or by phone. If there is anything that is unclear, always contact us!

Instructions of arrival:
Instructions of arrival are sent after the reservation is accepted. We will be on touch via e-mail within 24h and accept the reservation, check all details and send you invoice & arriving info. If you not receive e-mail from us in 24h please take contact.
The time of arrival to the cabins is after 14.00 (or as agreed). Check out is 12:00 (noon) and by then the cottage must be empty.
Check in: 14:00 / 2pm
Check out: 12:00 / Noon.

Payment methods
After the reservation of cabin is accepted, the cliet will receive a bill that must be paid by the due date. Leaving the bill unpaid is not a cancellation of resevation and will result it to be paid with note- and interest expenses.
Season 1.5-30.9. (may-september) + holidays (as christmas and newyear) reservation are all paid with banktransfer 30 days before arriving day. Cancellation of this season must be done 30 days before arriving day . Other periods will be charges 14 days before arriving and cancel must be done 14 days before arriving day.

Cancelling the reservation:
Cancellation must be done 30 days (1.5-30.9 & holidays) or 14 days (other times) before the booked reservation, either by e-email or by calling. When you receive arriving info there will be mention which policy is concerns your booking.
Leaving the reservation unpaid or failing to come to the cabins at reserved date is not cancellation. In such case the full price of the rent will be charged from the client with an invoice with all the interest- and collecting fees according to law.

During the stay the client is responsible for the condition of the cabin, property and of him/herself, as well as of all safety of all the guests. If property or the cabin is damaged in any manner, it must be reported to the owner immediatly.
The damages to the property and the cabin will be charged from the client if the damages done are found out to be made by the client, or the guests, on purpose.
The owner of the cabins is obliged to inform the client immediatly if something insuperable occurs and cancel the reservation before the date of the rental and if the accommodation has already been paid to the owner, it will be refunded fully to the client.

Personal information is not given to the third parties.
Social security number is required, as set by the degree (727/1991), because the client who is using the travelling- and accommodation services must fill traveller permit that is confirmed by the ministry of internal affairs.
According to the personal data law 13 § is to separate the information that is registered to be associated with a certain person only. Even that the holder of the register has the right to collect the social security number to his registers, according to the personal data law 13 § requires the registryholder to make sure, that the social security number is not printed or displayed un-necesarrily to any documents.

We well (Iken Mokit) reserve all rights of prices and availability, all times.

Iken Mökit

+358 440 859358
Y: 2851872-5


Water point: 0-3 kilometer (open at summer time)
Closest grocery shop: 20km
Closest restaurant: 20km
To city center of Heinola: 25km
To city of Lahti: 65km
To city of Helsinki: 165km
To the train station (Lahti): 65km
Pet hospital (Heinola): 25km
Hospital (Heinola): 25km


To the bus station: 25km
Camping: 0km
Fishing: 0km
Berry-picking: 0km
Cycling: 0km
Cross-country skiing: 0km
Trail skiing (Heinola): 25km
Downhill skiing (Lahti): 65km

Equipments in every cottage:

-Kitchen & toiletpaper for a few days
-Kitchen equipments; knifes, forks, spoons, plates, soup plate, glasses, cups for maximum amount of guest.
-Roawing boat, oars & blug for the boat + two lifejacket
-Cleaning equiptments; handbrush, (vacuum), a mop, a cleaning cloth, a cand cloth, plastic bags, detergent, detergent spray.
-Flashlight (cottages without tapwater) and / or lantern
-Gas grill for BBQ
-Gas for grill (if it runs out you are abel to pick full container near by)
-Woods for sauna
-Plankets & billows for maximum amount of guests.


Customer needs to take with

-Matches / light + kindling
-Source of light
-Mosquito poison
-Bedlinen & towels
-Seat cover for sauna
-Drinking water (Louhi, Tapio, Metsänneito, Hiidenhirvi and Vuorenpeikko)
-Coffee, filters
-Cooking papers
-Food, spices
-Medicad care for snake bite & small injuries

How to get there?

From Heinola city is total 25km, 30min drive to the cottage. Drive "Kouvolantie" (road nr 43) about 22km. Then you will see two signs "Iken Mökit" on right side. Dustroad to the destination is 6-7km long. Drive this road carefully. Notice that Finnish weather affects to these small dust roads especially at winter and spring. At winter road can be very slippery. At winter you must have spike tires / wheels with spikes.