Cottages at the best place – by the lake!

Ike’s Cottages are located in Päijät-Häme, Heinola, at the shores of Konnivesi.
Konnivesi is a lake at the body of water of Kymijoki, where the water flows from Päijänne.

We offer vacations in our cottages in the middle of the beautiful Lake-Finland. Pure nature and lake are things of pride for us, and with that in mind we want to share them with our customers.

All our cottages are located on the side of the evening-sun, thus the sun is shining to them all day.
The surrouning nature and forest is mostly consisting from pines and spruces.
The height differences of the area are vast and it offers spectacular view all around the year.
The opposite side of the lake from cottages, is preseved nature area.

You can find the cottages by navigating to this address:
Rautjalka 442 and following the signs "Iken Mökit".
From the road 46 there is approximatelly five kilometers of dirt road to cottages. Please note that road is sideroad and ice and snow makes driving more challenging at winter. At winter spikes in wheels are necessary. Four wheel car is recommended.

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We provide service in enlish and in finnish.

Anniina Seppälä
+358 440 859358

Rautjalka 442
18300 Heinola