Hot Tub – Bath under the stars!

Add some luxury to your vacation by reserving a bathing tub to your cabin.
The large bathing tub has space for ten people. Smaller tub is for 6 person.
In the wood heated bathing tub for then is equipped with bubbles and led-lighting that both work with electricity.
The bathing tubs are transported to the yard of the cabin. We will install and fill the tub, with lake water for you!

Rental of the bathing tub: Big tub / small tub

Weekend (fri-sun):           190,00€ / 120,00€
Two days (mon-fri):         170,00€ / 100,00€
One week, six nights:       300,00€ / 250,00€

SUP-boards - New!

The stable Jobe Titan fiberglass boards are the nobility of sup boards! It's stable under even first time user and and glides well! One board is for one adult (+one small children). Max 130kg / board.
One day rent: 40€ 1 board / 2 boards 70€
Two days rent: 50€ 1 board / 2 boards: 80€

Rent a fatbike!

Fits children and adult. Easy to use.
Weekend, fri-sun:
40€ 1 bike / 2 bikes 70€
Week, 6 nights:
80€ 1 bike / 2 bikes 120€

Travel and experience!

Experience the diversity of the nature in local area.

Camping and hiking possibilities are numerous.
Along the nearby hiking trails there are historic rock paintings:
Haukkavuori, Rautakannanvuori and Karhusaari.

Fishing and crab fishing!



Crab fishing (21.7-31.9)
If you like to taste Finnish crabs you can fish them by ourself and eat as much you get them!
Specs for fishing/using the traps and cooking them you will get from the owner. By one-two day fishing you might have 10-15 craps per trap if you are lucky! For fishing craps you need to have lure; small fish. Lures are not including. You can buy them from store or fish them.
10 traps: 35€
5 traps: 20€
2 traps: 15€


We rent fishing rods, fish traps and ice fishing rods. You will get baits along.
Ask about their availability and package price!

Electric engine for boat!



Inc engine, battery and charger.
Engine is silence and makes exploring the lake and fishing more enjoyable.
1 day: 20€
2 days: 30€
Week: 50€